We Love Laptops offers Laptop Maintenance

Operating System Support – We provide support for Windows and Linux operating systems. We can often troubleshoot and fix a number of common issues. In some cases it may be neccessary to reinstall the operating system onto your Laptop. This will erase all of the files stored on your operating systems hard disk partition. We can attempt to backup any essential data before committing this change.

System Tune-ups and Clean-ups – The more information you save and delete from your Laptop, the more fragmented your system can become. This can lead to slow performance and software errors occurring. We can tune your operating system registry and files to ensure maximum performance of your Laptop Software. It can also be beneficial to clean unneccessary files, shortcuts, internet files and system history files.

Data Backup – It is highly reccommended to keep backups of important files and data stored on your Laptop. By doing so you are protecting yourself from all types of Hardware and Software faults that may lead to data loss. We can backup your files for you giving your the peace of mind you need.